Strategic Business IT

What we do.

Business efficiency gains through process automation and optimisation. Vision Data specialises in providing solutions to business problems.

Most organisations have IT systems in place to handle many of their needs. With any such system it will be based on a Business Case showing value to the organisation. Often considerably more value can be offered by enhancements and additions.  New software  to gain this additional value,  if available, can be prohibitive in cost.  Vision Data may be able to provide services to enhance the existing system thus making  a viable Business Case.

Workflow and Business Process automation is fast becoming adopted as an efficiency gain in any organisation. Optimisation of business activities is another under utilised technique that offers efficiency gains. Larger organisations have significant issues with a vast variety of disparate systems. Aggregating these systems together can provide  major reductions in IT support as well as reduction of duplicate data and its associated problems.


Who we are

Research-based, Vision Data is a small specialised consultancy providing both advice and solutions in the area of Business IT solutions.  With a strong focus on strategic solutions, we provide expertise in business processes, solutions architecture as well as software development.